Nexto DI - NEXTO DI is a pioneer in the development of USB-OTG standalone portable storage devices. They are committed to developing forward-driven technologies that eliminate the need to use computers for immediate storage purposes, while ensuring a faster and m ore dependable backup. Its patented X-Copy software, which is incorporated into all of its NEXTO DI portable backup products, provides the fastest data transfer speed on the market, up to eight times faster than most comparable products. Its products are also equipped with eSATA, which is the most advanced interface technology available. Every NEXTO DI product reflects the company’s relentless focus on quality, reliability, and innovation. Headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, with distributors located throughout the world, NEXTO DI is now releasing its fifth generation of portable storage devices, with NEXTO eXtreme and Video Storage being the first generation to be marketed here in the U.S. The NEXTO eXtreme was recently awarded TV Technology Magazine’s 2009 STAR award at the 2009 National Association of Broadcasters Show, while the upcoming NEXTO Video Storage Pro received the 2009 Black Diamond Award from DV Magazine.

NEXTO DI Comparison Chart

NEXTO DI ND2901 Media Storage Brochure

NEXTO DI NVS2501 Video Pro Storage Brochure

NEXTO DI NVS2825 Air Video Pro Storage Brochure

NEXTO DI NVS2801 Pro Storage "NEW"

NEXTO DI NSB-25 Storage Bridge "NEW"



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